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ASR5K-C4OC3-SM-K9 Cisco ASR 5000 Line Card


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Choosing the Cisco ASR5K-C4OC3-SM-K9 line card benefits your network with robustness and cost-effectiveness. Its four STM-1/OC-3 ports allow for high-speed connections essential in today’s data-heavy environments. With the capability to handle significant traffic, it’s perfect for expanding service providers expecting growth. The inclusion of SFP modules ensures compatibility and easy scalability to suit evolving networking needs. The line card’s integration with the ASR 5000 series enhances your network’s efficiency and performance, reducing potential bottlenecks.

Crafted for reliability, the ASR5K-C4OC3-SM-K9 supports a wide range of voice and data services, fortifying your service continuity. The flexibility it offers makes it suited for various applications, adapting as your requirements change. This forward-thinking approach ensures your investment is future-proofed, avoiding the need for early replacement or overhaul. Fewer upgrades translate to decreased operational costs and minimized system downtime.

Cisco’s reputation for excellence is evident in this product’s design and durability. This line card undertakes rigorous tasks effortlessly, maintaining service even under strenuous conditions. Considering its high throughput, it’s energy-efficient, keeping operational expenses manageable. For those requiring an agile and robust networking backbone with minimal maintenance, the Cisco ASR5K-C4OC3-SM-K9 proves to be an intelligent choice, offering unmatched service quality and reliability. With the backing of Cisco’s exceptional support, this line card is a strategic investment for any serious service provider focused on delivering consistent, high-quality network services.

Cisco ASR 5000 Line Card ASR5K-C4OC3-SM-K9 CLC2 Channelized 4-Port STM-1/OC-3 Line Card w/SM SFP

Acquire Cisco ASR 5000 Line Card with Exceptional Value

The ASR5K-C4OC3-SM-K9 Cisco ASR 5000 Line Card available at Northland Systems distinguishes itself with affordability paired with uncompromised quality. Clients benefit from high-quality, wholesale-priced products firmly backed by a Low Price Guarantee, ensuring the best value investment.

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The ASR5K-C4OC3-SM-K9 and all other products sold are guaranteed to be original Cisco components. Items are available in “New Sealed” or “Used / Refurbished” conditions, each meticulously tested by Cisco-certified engineers for top-tier reliability.

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A 100% Money Back Guarantee accompanies every transaction, cementing customer confidence and satisfaction in the products and services offered by Northland Systems.

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With a reputation forged since 1997, Northland Systems assures substantial discounts that underline both the experience and cost-effectiveness of their services. Purchasing from an established supplier means quality and economic efficiency go hand-in-hand.

Smart Savings with Pre-owned Hardware

Choosing pre-owned hardware such as Cisco Routers, including the Cisco Router ASR 5000, is a savvy business move. Benefits range from significant cost savings, rapid delivery, full warranty coverage, and a step towards environmental sustainability to maintaining infrastructure stability by accessing legacy components.

Key Takeaways

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  • Renowned Expertise: Benefit from discounts and services perfected since 1997.
  • Eco-Conscious Cost Efficiencies: Pre-owned options bring savings and uphold sustainability.

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ASR5K-C4OC3-SM-K9 Cisco ASR 5000 Line Card

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