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AIR-ANT5135DB-R Cisco Antenna 5 GHz

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Experience an upgrade in your wireless network’s performance with the Cisco AIR-ANT5135DB-R Antenna. Operating at 5 GHz, this 3.5 dBi swivel dipole antenna significantly extends the range and strength of your wireless signal. Ideal for businesses and individuals requiring reliable and efficient network connectivity, it maintains a strong and consistent wireless connection even in environments with high RF interference. The AIR-ANT5135DB-R is compatible with a wide selection of Cisco equipment, ensuring seamless integration into existing networks. Its swivel design allows for easy adjustment and optimal signal direction, making installation trouble-free. It also features an RP-TNC connector, widely used in the industry, further ensuring compatibility with various devices. The inclusion of this antenna in your network setup translates to fewer dropouts, lower latency, and enhanced overall network stability. For environments where 5 GHz WiFi is preferable due to congestion in the 2.4 GHz band, the AIR-ANT5135DB-R is an essential investment. It’s not just about improving your wireless signal; it’s about ensuring the reliability and efficiency of your communications, which is crucial for businesses where downtime means lost revenue. Whether you are conducting video conferences, transferring large files, or streaming media, this Cisco antenna provides the bandwidth and performance required for a smooth, high-quality experience. Choosing the AIR-ANT5135DB-R is not only a wise technical decision but a strategic business move to future-proof your wireless network infrastructure.

5 GHz 3.5 dBi Swivel Dipole Antenna Black, RP-TNC

Affordability and Quality: The Northland Systems Promise

Purchasing the AIR-ANT5135DB-R Cisco Antenna 5 GHz from Northland Systems means accessing top-notch quality at unparalleled prices. Every product, including this efficient antenna for your wireless network needs, adheres to the 100% Low Price Guarantee, ensuring you receive the best value for your investment without sacrificing the caliber of the hardware you rely on.

Free Expert Support with Every Purchase

Navigating the complexities of network infrastructure is made effortless with Northland Systems’ free expert CCIE technical support. Buyers of Cisco Antennas, such as the AIR-ANT5135DB-R, benefit from this invaluable resource, obtaining professional advice across various channels without any additional financial commitment.

Secure and Flexible Transactions

Completing your purchase is not only straightforward with Northland Systems but also secure. Take advantage of diverse payment options and flexible shipping possibilities, all encrypted and protected by standards like McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured, to ensure your transaction is safe and tailored to your needs.

Guarantee on Authenticity and Condition

Rest assured that the AIR-ANT5135DB-R Cisco Antenna 5 GHz you buy is genuine and reliable. Northland Systems only dispatches original, authentic Cisco products available in “New Sealed” or “Used / Refurbished” condition, each meticulously examined by certified Cisco engineers to fulfill your technical requirements confidently.

Customer Confidence and Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is paramount, which is why Northland Systems backs your purchase with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. It’s not just about offering you the AIR-ANT5135DB-R antenna; it’s about providing peace of mind knowing that you’re making a risk-free investment.

Leveraging Reputation for Your Advantage

With a legacy dating back to 1997, Northland Systems stands as a beacon in the industry, offering substantial discounts on Cisco hardware, including Wireless > Cisco Wireless APs & Controllers. Benefit from both decades of experience and cost efficiency when outfitting your network operations with high-quality equipment like the AIR-ANT5135DB-R.

Choosing Pre-owned Hardware: A Smart Decision

Opting for pre-owned hardware such as the Cisco Antenna 2.4 5 5.8 GHz presents a myriad of advantages, including significant cost savings without delay in delivery. Northland Systems provides full warranty coverage, supports environmental sustainability, and guarantees access to essential legacy parts—ensuring your network’s long-term reliability and performance.

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Photo of Cisco AIR-ANT5135DB-R 5GHz 3.5dBi Swivel Dipole Antenna, RP-TNC connector, black color

AIR-ANT5135DB-R Cisco Antenna 5 GHz

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