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878704-B21 – HPE XL230k Gen10 Xeon-P 8156 Rear Kit


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Investing in the HPE XL230k Gen10 Xeon-P 8156 Rear Kit is a strategic decision for enterprises seeking a significant performance uplift in their data center operations. This particular rear kit is engineered specifically for the HPE XL230k Gen10 server, thereby ensuring compatibility and streamlined integration. The inclusion of the Intel Xeon-P 8156 processor, a member of the high-performance Xeon Scalable family, equips your server with a powerful quad-core CPU running at a base frequency of 3.6 GHz. This translates into accelerated processing speeds that can tackle intense computational tasks and support critical business applications with ease.

Moreover, by upgrading with this rear kit, your server is set to benefit from the efficiency and reliability synonymous with the HPE brand, a leading server solutions provider known for its advancements in IT infrastructure. The enhanced capabilities that come with this upgrade include improved multitasking, thanks to its multi-core technology, and faster data processing, which is crucial in environments such as big data analytics, cloud computing, and virtualized platforms.

For organizations that prioritize uptime and require round-the-clock operation, the HPE XL230k Gen10 Xeon-P 8156 Rear Kit offers stability and consistency that can sustain workloads over extended periods without faltering. Furthermore, the longevity and reduced need for frequent upgrades make it a cost-effective solution in the long term.

Finally, the addition of this rear kit to your HPE XL230k Gen10 server could potentially lead to reduced operational costs. Enhanced processing efficiency can lower energy consumption, benefiting both operational budgets and environmental sustainability goals. In summary, the 878704-B21 is a smart acquisition for businesses aiming to maintain a competitive edge through superior server performance and reliability.

HPE XL230k Gen10 Xeon-P 8156 Rear Kit

Affordability Meets Quality with the 878704-B21 – HPE XL230k Gen10 Xeon-P 8156 Rear Kit

Purchasing the 878704-B21 – HPE XL230k Gen10 Xeon-P 8156 Rear Kit from Northland Systems means accessing a premier product at a fraction of the cost. This combination of affordability and quality is rare, and Northland Systems upholds it with a 100% Low Price Guarantee. Customers are assured of receiving top-notch HPE Apollo Servers Processors without a hefty price tag.

Expert Support Without the Expense

Expert advice is invaluable, especially when it comes free of charge. Northland Systems presents free expert CCIE technical support, enhancing your purchase experience with professional guidance whenever you need it. This support covers all complexities related to Servers > HPE Servers > HPE Server Processors, ensuring your queries are resolved promptly by certified professionals.

Safe and Convenient Purchases

Every transaction is designed with customer convenience and security in mind. With certifications like McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured, Northland Systems promises secure payment options and flexible shipping solutions, delivering your Servers > HPE Servers processors efficiently and securely.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Pristine Condition

Northland Systems guarantees that whether you’re buying new or refurbished, every product like the 878704-B21 processor is genuine, thoroughly tested, and in excellent condition. This assurance is bolstered by a full testing protocol conducted by Cisco-certified engineers for dependable reliability.

Boosting Customer Confidence

With a 100% Money Back Guarantee, Northland Systems reinforces the trust that customers invest in them. This guarantee underlines a commitment to customer satisfaction and confidence when purchasing HPE Server Processors.

Reputation Paired with Unmatched Discounts

Since 1997, Northland Systems has been a staple in the industry, known for substantial discounts that reflect both reliability and cost-efficiency. Their long-standing reputation is a testament to the value they provide, particularly within Servers > HPE Servers commodity.

Choosing Pre-owned Hardware

Opting for pre-owned hardware like the HPE Apollo Servers Processors offers a suite of benefits:

  • Sizable cost savings
  • Quick delivery options
  • Full warranty coverage
  • Contribution to environmental sustainability
  • Availability of legacy parts, ensuring long-term system stability

This sustainable choice supports both budgeting needs and environmental considerations, making it an attractive option for many businesses.

In summary, when you choose to buy the 878704-B21 – HPE XL230k Gen10 Xeon-P 8156 Rear Kit from Northland Systems, you’re investing in quality, reliability, and the support of a seasoned industry expert. It’s not just a purchase; it’s a smart business decision.

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HPE XL230k Gen10 server rear kit with Intel Xeon-P 8156 processor and upgrade components

878704-B21 – HPE XL230k Gen10 Xeon-P 8156 Rear Kit

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