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874291-B21 – HPE XL1x0r Gen10 Xeon-G 6138 Kit


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Investing in the HPE XL1x0r Gen10 Xeon-G 6138 Kit is a strategic decision for IT professionals focused on optimizing server performance in data centers and enterprise environments. This processor upgrade is tailored for HPE XL1x0r Gen10 servers, ensuring compatibility and easy integration, minimizing downtime during maintenance. With a 20-core Intel Xeon-G 6138 processor, it delivers robust processing capabilities suitable for heavy workloads like virtualization, big data processing, and high-performance computing.

The 2.0 GHz base frequency guarantees swift execution of operations, while the 20 cores provide multi-threading benefits that can handle parallel tasks efficiently, reducing processing time for complex jobs. For businesses relying on quick data analysis and decision-making, such enhancements are vital for staying competitive.

The high core count also supports increasing user demands, as more virtual machines and applications can be run simultaneously without performance degradation. This results in smooth multitasking and better use of resources. Upgrading to this kit maximizes server uptime and ensures consistent performance, which is crucial for continuous business operations.

Moreover, utilizing original HPE components like the XL1x0r Gen10 Xeon-G 6138 Kit ensures that your system remains robust and secure, adhering to HPE’s high standards of quality and reliability. The HPE kit includes technology designed to safeguard against hardware-based attacks, giving organizations an added layer of security.

With this upgrade, IT departments also benefit from HPE’s support and warranty, which provides peace of mind through professional assistance and replacement services if necessary. Thus, the HPE XL1x0r Gen10 Xeon-G 6138 Kit not only boosts your server’s capabilities but also contributes to the overall resilience and sustainability of your IT infrastructure.

HPE XL1x0r Gen10 Xeon-G 6138 Kit

Unbeatable Affordability and Quality of 874291-B21 – HPE XL1x0r Gen10 Xeon-G 6138 Kit

The 874291-B21 – HPE XL1x0r Gen10 Xeon-G 6138 Kit from Northland Systems epitomizes the synthesis of quality and affordability. Customers are assured a 100% Low Price Guarantee, with Northland Systems committed to providing high-quality products at wholesale prices. This HPE server processor upgrade kit enhances your server’s performance while ensuring you get top-notch hardware without straining your budget.

Free Expert Support with Your Purchase

Purchasing the HPE Apollo Servers Processors kit avails you of free expert CCIE technical support from Northland Systems. This perk underscores the value added to your investment, providing expert guidance through various channels without an additional price tag.

Secure and Flexible Payment and Shipment Options

The protection and ease of transactions are paramount. Northland Systems fortifies this with secure payment platforms, meeting McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured standards. The flexibility of shipment options further caters to customer convenience, ensuring delivery aligns with your scheduling needs and preferences.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Condition

Every product, including the 874291-B21, is assured to be original and genuine. Northland Systems deals in both new sealed and used/refurbished hardware, each rigorously tested by Cisco-certified engineers. This guarantees reliable performance and longevity, irrespective of the condition you choose.

Ensuring Customer Confidence with Money Back Guarantee

The 100% Money Back Guarantee provided by Northland Systems amplifies customer confidence in their purchases. This reassurance affirms your decision to choose Northland Systems for your critical HPE Server Processors, knowing your satisfaction is paramount.

Leverage Northland Systems’ Reputation and Exclusive Discounts

Since 1997, Northland Systems has been a trustworthy partner in the industry, a testament reflected in the substantial discounts offered. Whether you’re upgrading your HPE servers or investing in new infrastructure, the economic benefits are clear and considerable.

Choosing Pre-owned Hardware Benefits

Opting for pre-owned hardware brings a host of advantages:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Quicker delivery times
  • Full warranty coverage
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Access to legacy hardware for continued system operation

Picking pre-owned can be a strategic move, securing both the functionality of legacy systems and the sustainable management of IT budgets.

For businesses looking to upgrade their Servers > HPE Servers, the 874291-B21 – HPE XL1x0r Gen10 Xeon-G 6138 Kit from Northland Systems delivers on all fronts—performance, price, and peace of mind.

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HPE XL1x0r Gen10 Xeon-G 6138 Kit in server upgrade packaging - high performance, 20 cores, 2.0 GHz, server component

874291-B21 – HPE XL1x0r Gen10 Xeon-G 6138 Kit

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