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817967-B21 – Processors for HPE Server


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Investing in the HPE DL380 Gen9 Xeon E5-2699v4 (2.2GHz/22-core/55MB/145W) Processor Kit S-ERVER can be pivotal for businesses aiming to bolster their server capabilities. A sound investment, this processor kit offers unparalleled multiprocessing power essential for virtualized environments, where workload distribution and server optimization are critical. With 22 cores and a 55MB cache, the E5-2699v4 ensures efficient data handling for complex computations, substantial databases, and user concurrency demands.

HPE’s reputation for reliability and compatibility with their DL380 Gen9 servers further amplifies the value of this piece of hardware. It minimizes downtime due to maintenance or incompatibility issues, a key factor for continuous business operations. The longevity and consistency of this processor kit help amortize costs over time, translating into a smarter investment compared to cheaper, less reliable options.

Energy efficiency is another significant advantage. The 145W TDP (Thermal Design Power) is commendably low for a processor of this capability, suggesting lower energy costs and the potential for reduced cooling requirements in a server environment. Over the lifespan of the processor, this efficiency can result in substantial savings.

Moreover, the upgrade process with this processor kit is typically straightforward, eschewing the need for deep technical knowledge or extensive downtime. This ease of integration can be vital for businesses aiming to swiftly enhance their IT infrastructure without impeding daily operations.

In summary, the HPE DL380 Gen9 Xeon E5-2699v4 Processor Kit stands as a smart choice for enterprises looking to upgrade their server performance in a reliable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient manner. Its capacity to handle demanding workloads and provide seamless operation makes it an essential component for modern data centers. HPE DL380 Gen9 Xeon E5-2699v4 (2.2GHz/22-core/55MB/145W) Processor Kit S-ERVER

Affordability and Quality with 817967-B21 Processors for HPE Servers

Purchasing 817967-B21 processors for your HPE server from Northland Systems means accessing unparalleled quality at wholesale prices. The 100% Low Price Guarantee underscores the commitment to affordable excellence, ensuring that these vital components are both cost-effective and of superior quality.

Free Expert Support for HPE Server Accessories

Value-added services include free CCIE-level expert support for HPE Server Accessories. Customers receive professional guidance on their purchases without any additional expense, solidifying the support structure behind each transaction.

Secure and Flexible Transactions for Server Accessories

Northland Systems prioritizes customer security and convenience. Payment and shipping can be customized to suit various needs, backed by reliable certifications such as McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured. These protocols for HPE Server Other Accessories ensure a trustworthy and user-friendly purchasing process.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Condition

Integrity is at the core of Northland Systems’ product selection. All server accessories, including the 817967-B21 processors, are guaranteed to be authentic HPE products. They come with a certification of quality in either “New Sealed” or “Used / Refurbished” condition, after being rigorously tested for reliability.

Reinforcing Customer Confidence

Trust is paramount, thus Northland Systems provides a 100% Money Back Guarantee. This reassurance empowers customers to invest in HPE Server Accessories with confidence, knowing their satisfaction is a top priority.

Leverage Industry Reputation and Discounts

Two decades of service since 1997 have cemented Northland’s reputation for reliability and cost-effectiveness. Substantial discounts on HPE Server Accessories align with fiscal prudence without sacrificing quality, representing the company’s lasting commitment to its customers.

Advantages of Pre-owned Hardware for Servers

Opting for pre-owned HPE server accessories can yield considerable benefits. These include immediate cost savings, quick delivery, and complete warranty protection. Moreover, choosing pre-owned contributes to environmental sustainability and ensures access to legacy components for ongoing systems’ stability.

In summary, Northland Systems presents an exceptional opportunity to procure 817967-B21 processors for HPE servers. Quality, expertise, security, authenticity, confidence, and financial savvy converge to deliver the optimal purchasing experience for server upgrades and maintenance.

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HPE DL380 Gen9 Server with a Xeon E5-2699v4 Processor Kit Component, 22-Core CPU Upgrade

817967-B21 – Processors for HPE Server

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