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798154-B21 – HPE Apollo r2800 Servers


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The HPE Apollo r2800 Servers are a strategic investment for businesses and research institutions requiring exceptionally high compute capabilities within a dense footprint. Equipped with the flexibility to handle a diverse range of workloads, from high-performance computing to big data analytics, the r2800 stands out for several reasons.

Increased density allows you to maximize space in the data center, housing more computation resources in less square footage. This consolidation reduces the overall cost of infrastructure and operation, making it financially efficient. Furthermore, Apollo r2800 servers ensure high levels of performance and reliability. With configurations tailored to your specific needs, it aligns perfectly with computational deman, ensuring you’re not overinvesting in unnecessary hardware.

Storage capabilities are top-tier, designed to withstand data-intensive tasks without bottlenecks, promoting swift data retrieval, and secure archiving. Power efficiency is another critical factor, as HPE has integrated advanced power management technologies that minimize the operational costs associated with running high-demand servers.

Support for high-speed networking and the potential for large memory capacities enable the Apollo r2800 to facilitate advanced scientific calculations, AI modeling, and large database management without compromising speed or performance. The ability to process vast sets of data rapidly accelerates time-to-insight for businesses and researchers, giving them a competitive edge in their respective fields.

Finally, investing in HPE means benefiting from their industry-leading customer support. Whether it’s deploying new software or addressing a hardware issue, round-the-clock professional assistance ensures minimal downtime and maintains productivity.

For organizations that value cutting-edge technology, require exceptional speed, and need room to grow, the HPE Apollo r2800 offers a powerful, flexible, and reliable foundation that can propel them toward their goals.

798154-B21 – HPE Apollo r2800 Servers

Affordability Meets Quality

Choosing 798154-B21 – HPE Apollo r2800 Servers from Northland Systems means accessing premium, high-quality equipment at wholesale prices. With our 100% Low Price Guarantee, customers never face a compromise between cost and quality when sourcing their server infrastructure.

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Alongside your 798154-B21 – HPE Apollo r2800 Server purchase, you gain the invaluable addition of free expert CCIE technical support. This service provides you with professional, experienced guidance through various channels without adding to your budget.

Safe and Accommodating Purchases

Security and flexibility are paramount in transactions. Northland Systems assures both, offering secure payment methods and a range of shipping options, all underscored by our commitment to certified safety standards such as McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured.

Assured Authenticity and Premium Condition

Every product, including our HPE Apollo Servers, is guaranteed to be genuine and authentic. With options for ‘New Sealed’ or ‘Used / Refurbished’ conditions, customers can trust in their product’s reliability, fully vetted by Cisco-certified engineers.

Building Customer Confidence

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee underpins the confidence customers can have in our Servers > HPE Servers. This guarantee affirms our commitment to customer satisfaction and the superior quality of our server solutions.

Established Reputation and Economic Discounts

Since 1997, Northland Systems has been a trusted provider of HPE Apollo r2800 Servers, offering substantial discounts that illustrate our understanding of economic efficiency alongside reliable service.

Advantages of Pre-owned Hardware

Opting for pre-owned hardware such as the HPE Apollo r2800 Servers opens up a range of benefits. Customers enjoy cost savings, fast delivery, full warranty coverage, and a sustainable choice. Additionally, access to legacy parts ensures long-term system stability for your operations.

Whether your focus is on scaling your infrastructure, maintaining legacy compatibility, or ensuring the highest standards of quality and support, Northland Systems is your trusted partner in maximizing the value and performance of your network equipment.

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798154-B21 – HPE Apollo r2800 Servers

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