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728382-B21 – Processors for HPE Server


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Investing in the 728382-B21 processor kit for your HPE BL660c Gen9 server elevates its performance, crucial for businesses with intensive computational demands. This kit integrates two Intel Xeon E5-4667v3 processors, each housing 16 cores and a substantial 40MB cache, propelling your server’s multitasking abilities and data processing speed. The built-in architectural benefits enable efficient virtualization and data management, supporting more virtual machines and smoother operations.

With a thermal design power (TDP) of 135W, the processors maintain a balance between performance and energy consumption, reducing operational costs over time. Compatibility with the BL660c Gen9 means hassle-free integration and ensures that the server hardware works seamlessly with the processors, avoiding potential conflicts and hardware issues.

These processors are built with reliability and security in mind, featuring technologies that safeguard your data and system integrity. The HPE 728382-B21 is not only an investment in speed but also in a secure and stable computational environment, protecting against data corruption and unauthorized access.

Choosing this upgrade leads to improved server uptime and resilience, handling heavy workloads with ease. Companies involved in data analytics, virtualization, or complex calculations will particularly benefit from the enhanced capabilities. Downtime is expensive, and the improved reliability minimizes this risk, providing peace of mind and saving resources in the long term.

Finally, HPE’s reputation for quality and the specific optimization for BL660c Gen9 servers make the 728382-B21 a smart choice. When combined with trusted support and assurance of compatibility, it’s clear that this processor kit is a solid foundation for any enterprise looking to improve their server infrastructure. HPE BL660c Gen9 Intel Xeon E5-4667v3 (2.0GHz/16-core/40MB/135W) 2-processor Kit S-ERVER

Secure Top-Notch HPE Server Accessories with the 728382-B21 Processor from Northland Systems

The 728382-B21 is a game-changer for updating your HPE Server infrastructure, ensuring enhanced performance and efficiency. Northland Systems specializes in delivering the pinnacle of processing power required for intense server workloads at an affordable price point.

Affordability and Quality

  • Northland Systems stands out with an unwavering promise: high-caliber HPE Server Other Accessories at rates that align with wholesale pricing.
  • Secure the 728382-B21 with a 100% Low Price Guarantee, ensuring you invest in hardware that doesn’t strain your finances without skimping on performance.

Complementary Expert Support

  • With the 728382-B21 comes the benefit of complimentary expert technical support. A seasoned CCIE team is ready to assist via various communication avenues without additional costs.
  • Make well-informed choices and troubleshoot with ease, leveraging the value-added support service Northland Systems proudly offers.

Transaction Security and Flexibility

  • Feel confident and secure when acquiring the 728382-B21 with Northland Systems’ encrypted and verified payment process.
  • Benefit from diverse shipping options designed to align with your timeline and budgetary constraints.

Authentication and Quality Assurance

  • Each product, including the coveted 728382-B21, is authentic and verified, arriving in pristine “New Sealed” or premium “Used / Refurbished” conditions.
  • The rigorous testing protocol, administered by seasoned Cisco-certified engineers, guarantees reliability and performance.

Enhanced Customer Trust

  • Northland Systems upholds your peace of mind with a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all Server Accessories.
  • Experience confidence when making decisions, knowing your satisfaction is paramount and assured.

Trusted Reputation and Considerable Discounts

  • Northland Systems has been a go-to source for HPE Server Accessories since 1997, showcasing a legacy built on customer satisfaction and trust.
  • Embrace substantial discounts on the 728382-B21, reflecting Northland Systems’ commitment to accessible pricing without sacrificing quality.

Perks of Pre-owned Hardware

  • Opting for pre-owned Server Accessories, like the 728382-B21, translates to significant cost savings.
  • Gain from speedy delivery, full warranty service, and access to vital legacy components that ensure the longevity and stability of your IT operations.
  • Choosing refurbished options is not only cost-efficient but also an environmentally conscious decision that aligns with sustainable practices.

Upgrade your server’s capabilities with the 728382-B21 from Northland Systems, where premium quality, budget-friendly pricing, and unrivaled customer support converge to offer you the best in HPE Server Accessories.

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728382-B21 – Processors for HPE Server

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