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10000-1P3-1DC Cisco 10008 Series Pricing Bundle


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Investing in the Cisco 10008 Series Pricing Bundle is a strategically sound decision for service providers aiming to scale their networks. First and foremost, the Cisco 10000 series is well-renowned for its proven track record in reliability and performance, ensuring minimal downtime and excellent throughput. The included eight-slot chassis provides sufficient room for expansion, meaning that as your network demands grow, the system can grow with you, without requiring complete replacement.

The PRE3 performance routing engine is a particular highlight of this bundle. It delivers enhanced processing power and improved network agility, optimizing the performance of your routing infrastructure. With support for a wide range of protocols and services, it ensures your network can handle complex operations and diverse traffic types with ease.

Another critical factor is the bundle’s direct current (DC) PEM. For service providers operating in regions without stable AC power, or those looking to integrate the system into a data center with standardized DC power, this is a vital feature. DC PEMs are often considered more reliable and can lead to increased efficiency and safety within your network’s power infrastructure.

Moreover, the Cisco 10008 Series supports high-speed broadband aggregation, which can be crucial for delivering high-quality, uninterrupted services to your customer base. With growing demand for high-bandwidth applications, being equipped to handle such traffic volumes is essential.

Finally, opting for a bundle from a brand like Cisco also has the added advantage of global support and an extensive knowledge base. Cisco’s customer service and technical support networks are highly regarded, which means any issues can typically be resolved swiftly, ensuring that your network—your critical business asset—remains operational. Cisco 10008 Bundle 10000-1P3-1DC Cisco 10000 eight slot chassis, 1 PRE3, 1 DC PEM

Affordability and Quality

Navigating the market for the 10000-1P3-1DC Cisco 10008 Series Pricing Bundle demands not only a keen eye for technical specifications but also a vigilance for value. With Northland Systems, the commitment to affordably-priced, high-quality network equipment is uncompromised. Adhering to a 100% Low Price Guarantee, customers secure premium products at wholesale rates, ensuring cost-effectiveness without sacrificing performance.

Free Expert Support

Decisions surrounding network infrastructure are critical. Northland Systems bolsters this decision-making process by offering free expert CCIE technical support, catering to various queries and concerns. This invaluable resource, provided at no additional charge, enhances the purchasing journey, ensuring that technical consultation is a seamless part of the service.

Secure and Flexible Transactions

The integrity of financial transactions is a cornerstone of Northland Systems’ operations. With measures fortified by certifications like McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured, the transactional experience is both safeguarded and streamlined. Flexible shipment options complement the secure payment system, resonating with the diverse needs of a global clientele.

Guarantee on Authenticity and Condition

Each device, including the 10000-1P3-1DC Cisco 10008, passes through meticulous testing by Cisco-certified engineers, ensuring a product that is either New Sealed or in optimal Used / Refurbished condition. This rigorous evaluation exemplifies Northland Systems’ guarantee on the authenticity and operational reliability of its inventory.

Customer Confidence

Culminating the purchasing experience is Northland’s 100% Money Back Guarantee, a testament to the confidence they instill with each transaction. This reassurance encapsulates the fundamental belief in the excellence of their product lineup and reinforces the trust that customers place in their services.

Reputation and Discounts

Since 1997, Northland Systems has been sculpting its reputation within the industry, emerging as a beacon of reliability. Substantial discounts accompany their storied history, satisfying the budget-conscious without compromising on the technical superiority of their offerings, such as the celebrated Routers > Cisco Routers > Cisco Router 10000 Series.

Advantages of Pre-owned Hardware

Opting for pre-owned hardware like the 10000-1P3-1DC Cisco 10008 presents multifaceted benefits. From significant cost reductions and rapid delivery to full warranty support, the strategic choice to go pre-owned promotes sustainability and legacy systems maintenance. Ultimately, this choice with Northland Systems equates to savvy investment and operational foresight.

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Cisco 10008 Series Chassis Bundle with Performance Routing Engine and DC PEM

10000-1P3-1DC Cisco 10008 Series Pricing Bundle

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