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Juniper SSG Firewalls

Juniper SSG firewalls come in a number of different models for both entry-level and enterprise applications. At Northland Systems, we stock many Juniper firewalls, specifically Juniper SSG (Secure Series Gateway) firewall products - the 2nd generation of Netscreen components.

Learn more about Juniper SSG firewalls below or explore all Juniper products by clicking here.

A Leader in Juniper Firewall Products

Northland Systems offers a wide range of hardware solutions to help customers get the right infrastructure according to their business needs. As a trusted IT specialist, Northland is a leading company for Juniper firewall products and network technologies. Northland's product solutions focus on providing low priced hardware like Juniper SSG firewalls at some of the most competitive prices on the market.

Our key partner relationships with the leading hardware manufacturers allows us to deliver cost-effective infrastructure solutions. These relationships capitalize on the partners' market-leading positions, world class technology and services led solutions. The combination of these skills ensures Northland delivers world class service solutions and low cost Juniper firewalls.

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Service Solutions for Juniper SSG Firewalls

In addition to providing low priced Juniper SSG firewalls and other hardware products, Northland offers many service solutions that focus on these key areas:
  • Business and technical assessments
  • Implementation of Juniper firewalls
  • Design & implement Storage Area Networks (SAN) & Network Attach Storage (NAS)
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) implementation and optimization
  • Consolidation and data migration
  • Application deployment (P2V)
  • Test plans and firewall optimization
  • Operational procedures for Juniper SSG firewalls

Whether the solution calls for installation of Juniper firewalls or a complete network overhaul, understanding your business is critical to a successful implementation. Northland's ability to deliver these services comes through the investments Northland has made in staff, technology and business competence.

Juniper Firewall Networking & Implementation

With both networking requirements and technologies rapidly changing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to adapt the most cutting-edge standards of the industry. Customers are challenged with evolving standards, like implementing the latest infrastructure and networking systems. Northland can help ensure up-to-date network implementations of Juniper firewalls and other IT hardware. Northlandís expertise and consultants have the skills and proven processes to align client networks with the ever-changing IT industry.

Lease New and Refurbished Juniper SSF Firewalls

Customers can lease new and refurbished Juniper SSG Firewalls with financial flexibility. Northland Systemsí accommodating leasing options are designed help customers maintain their edge in the competitive business market. Our competitive lease rates and straightforward application process offer convenient product financing without complicated bank credit lines or cash transactions. Other benefits of leasing Juniper SSF firewall products with Northland include:
  • Accommodating 12, 24, and 36-month lease rates on Juniper firewalls
  • No money down for qualified customers
  • Flexible products upgrades on Juniper firewall leases
  • Fixed payments to meet your budget
  • End of lease buyout options

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More About Juniper Networks and Juniper SSG Firewalls

Juniper SSG firewalls have become a recognized line of products in the computer hardware market. Found in 1996, Juniper Networks is a multinational computer networking and popular IT products manufacturer of Juniper firewalls. The California-based company specializes in designing networking products, such as Juniper firewalls. The variety of Juniper SSG firewalls has helped lead the way for high performance computer hardware products.

To improve the sales of Juniper SSG firewall products, the company has a network of partners to increase outreach. Below are the different levels of Juniper Partnership Programs.

Juniper partners at the level of Enterprise Solution Provider provide general product and solution portfolios designed to help customers build networks. These providers typically resell, service, and consult on Juniper firewall products & solutions. Service Provider Infrastructure partners provide several advanced networking solutions based on high performance information technology. Juniper partners at the Service Provider Infrastructure level help establish the world's largest and most demanding system networks. Managed Service Provider partners offer unique and differentiated services. Juniper's Managed Service Partners provide Juniper SSG firewall implementations that meet highly specialized business needs. In addition, these types of Juniper partners can manage and deploy Juniper-based service solutions.

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